Sunken Hot Tubs Look Great…..But Need Access!

grand oasis sunken with chairs

The question we always get asked is where do I put my hot tub. There are many pictures on Google that have sunken hot tubs and they look great. The one thing that is a must is access for future service. Imagine you purchase a new car and then go ahead and weld the hood shut! Sounds crazy but that is exactly what you are doing when you buy a Spa and sink it in, unless you provide removable access panels. With today’s Spas you will need to access to the front of the Spa and all the sides. The reality is you may require a plumbing or lighting repair that is only accessible from the side of the Spa, not the front. So just in case you do have a problem, you need access to all sides of the Spa. Spa manufacturers do not reimburse dealers for the cost for accessing the hot tub in the unlikely event of a service repair. So to save you any access charges, it is smart to pre-plan and build removable access panels around your Spa. Below are pictures of a sunken Spa with removable floor panels. We recommend 2′ of access all around the Spa to enable our service technicians to work on your Spa, if required.

The Sales staff at Oasis Leisure Centre will be more than happy to assist you in discussing removable panels for you new hot tub. Just visit us at 1000 St. Anne’s Road and pick out your Spa. If you don’t have a deck builder we can recommend a professional builder that can build a proper deck with removable access panels. It’s not hard to do and doesn’t cost much extra, but a little planning makes ownership easy and less expensive down the road.

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