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Chemicals for Pools & Spas

Keeping your water clean starts here.

Properly maintaining your pool and spa is very simple. To prevent problems, simply add chemicals to treat your water. This will keep your water clear and you in comfort. Your equipment will also thank you!
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Pool Chemicals

aqua-granularAqua Granular
Stabilized chlorine granules that help control bacteria and algae in swimming pools.
Naturally Aqua CitrusolveNaturally Aqua Citrusolve
A natural orange-based multi-purpose cleaner. Citrusolve is an excellent degreaser that will emulsify all types of soils. Can be used on pool liners, equipment, patio furniture, and BBQs.
Super Shock Aqua Super Shock
Unstabilized chlorine for weekly shock treatment. No need to pre-dissolve.
aqua-mini-pucksAqua Mini Pucks
Stabilized chlorine pucks that help control bacteria and algae in swimming pools; it also helps keep an ongoing supply of sanitizer to the pool. Available chlorine 90%.
HTH Duration CapsulesHTH Duration Capsules Un-stabilized chlorine stick used in pools when stabilizer gets too high. It does NOT bring down stabilizer levels it just doesn’t add any more in. It becomes you primary sanitizer instead of pucks. Available chlorine 65%.
Sodium HypochloriteSodium Hypochlorite
Liquid chlorine that helps control the growth of bacteria and algae. Available chlorine 12%.
aqua-stabAqua Stab
Protects and stabilizes chlorine against destruction from sun UV rays as well as helps protect the liner. *sunscreen for your pool
aqua-salt-cell-cleanerAqua Salt Cell Cleaner
An inhibited acidic product that is designed to help remove scale and calcium build-up from a salt cell.
aqua copoutAqua Cop-Out
A liquid used to help the prevention of stains in a swimming pool due to precipitation of metals.
aqua seaquestAqua Seaquest
A liquid chemical that helps prevent stains and scale from forming on a salt pool finish. Same as Cop-Out but for salt pools.
aqua stain eraseAqua Stain Erase
Spot stain remover for iron, copper, rust and other stains on vinyl, concrete and fiberglass pool surfaces.
naturally aqua stain outNaturally Aqua Stain Out
A natural way to remove stains from swimming pool or spa surfaces. Must be used in conjunction with Naturally Aqua Stain Prevent.
naturally-aqua-stain-preventNaturally Aqua Stain Prevent
Used for the prevention of stains in swimming pool and spas due to the precipitation of metals such as copper and iron. It is used as a metal and mineral inhibitor.
Naturally Aqua Pool and Spa EnzymesNaturally Aqua Pool and Spa Enzymes
All natural enzymes eliminate cloudy water, scum and odour. It also helps keep filters clean and improves the effectiveness of all sanitizers.
Naturally Aqua Pool Enzymes PlusNaturally Aqua Pool Enzymes Plus
Weekly 3 in 1 maintenance chemical that helps remove phosphates, helps keep filters clean, reduced chemical odour, improves the effectiveness of sanitizer as well as eliminates “bathtub” ring caused by body oils etc.
Aqua Saline BoosterAqua Saline Booster
Non-chlorine shock treatment that is formulated for salt pools, it helps oxidize nitrogenous waste that builds up in swimming pools. Same as Brite Plus but for salt pools.
Aqua Brite PlusAqua Brite Plus
Non-chlorinating shock treatment for chlorine pools. It helps oxidize nitrogenous waste that builds up in swimming pools. It does not get rid of combined chlorine.
Aqua Wham-OAqua Wham-O
A stronger solution of liquid algaecide. This product helps control algae in swimming pools.
Aqua Nok-OutAqua Nok-Out
Less potent type of liquid algaecide. This product also helps control algae. Only 20%.
Aqua Algaecide 5Aqua Algaecide 5
Strictly used to kill bugs. Not intended to be used as a weekly or bi-weekly treatment for algaecide.
aqua flocAqua Floc
A granular chemical used to rapidly clear up green or cloudy pools by dropping all the algae to the floor of the pool. (FOR USE IN SAND FILTERS ONLY)
aqua eliminatorAqua Eliminator
A granular chemical used to remove green, yellow and black deposits from swimming pools.
Aqua Super ClarifierAqua Super Clarifier
Liquid chemical that makes pool water shine as well as improves filter performance, eliminates oil & scum deposits and reduces metal build up. It coagulates tiny particles and bunches them together so that your filter can catch them
aqua sparkling clearAqua Sparkling Clear
Treatment used for removing suspended solids in the water; it permits the removal of small particles which can cause hazy water.
aqua neutralizerAqua Neutralizer
A granular chemical that helps quickly remove excessive chlorine or bromine from pool water.
Aqua Easy AcidAqua Easy Acid
A potent acid that helps bring down alkalinity and pH levels in swimming pool and spa waters. Typically given to customers who have well water, because their water is high in alkalinity.
Aqua TrolAqua Trol
A granular chemical used to help raise alkalinity levels in swimming pool water.
Aqua CalAqua Cal
A granular chemical used to help raise the calcium hardness levels in swimming pool water.
Aqua PH MinusAqua PH Minus
A granular chemical that helps decrease the pH and alkalinity levels in pool waters depending whether the chemical is applied pre-dissolved or just as is.
Aqua PH PlusAqua PH Plus
A granular chemical that helps increase the pH levels in pool water.
Naturally Aqua Natural BriteNaturally Aqua Natural Brite
Highly concentrated product that bunches tiny particles and oily liquids together so that your filter can catch them.
Naturally Aqua Phos-OutNaturally Aqua Phos-Out
Phos-Out is a concentrated product that removes the phosphate from pool water and deposits them on the filter.
Aqua Vinyl CleanerAqua Vinyl Cleaner
All purpose cleaner and degreaser with sprayer for vinyl lined swimming pools and deck equipment. Will not affect pH balance.
Aqua Tile & Grout CleanerAqua Tile & Grout Cleaner
Acidic cleaner for tile and grout or calcium build-up.
aqua cover cleanerAqua Cover Cleaner
Cleans and deodorizes winter covers, blankets, and water bags
Pure‘n CleanPure‘n Clean
Dissolves hard water stains, scale buildup, body oils, suntan lotions, dirt and makeup.
Aqua Premium Enhanced Pool SaltAqua Premium Enhanced Pool Salt
Helps keep pool water in balance.
Aqua Filter Free
Aqua Filter Free
Effectively and economically remove oils and mineral scale deposits from filter elements in order to maintain efficient filter operation and longer filter runs.

Spa Chemicals

Spa Life No PhosSpa Life No Phos
Used to remove phosphates from water. Phosphates will coat the plates on a salt water generator and will reduce its efficiency. Phosphates will also create a chlorine and bromine demand.
Spa Life Filter FreeSpa Life Filter Free
Removes most soils from the filter and its elements. Periodic use of this product improves filtration, longer filter runs and lower maintenance costs.
Spa Life Brominating TabletsSpa Life Brominating Tablets
Spa Life Brominating Pucks gives the effectiveness of chlorine without the chlorine odour.
Spa Life Spa BoostSpa Life Spa Boost
Spa Life Spa Boost, when used with the Spa Life Spa Mate, will give you the ideal Bromine solution to keep your hot tub clean and bacteria free.
Spa Life ShockSpa Life Shock
Brightens and clarifies. Destroys organic wastes. Quick and easy. For Bromine or Chlorine Sanitizers.
Spa Life Mini PucksSpa Life Mini Pucks
15 Gram Trichlor tablets for spa sanitation. Controls bacteria and algae in spa waters.
Spa Life EZ BromSpa Life EZ Brom
Provides effective Bromine sanitation. Promotes water clarity. Eliminates organic waste such as perspiration, body oils, cosmetics, etc.
Spa Life Spa Soft SupremeSpa Life Spa Soft Supreme
Developed to condition and enhance water quality. It is compatible with all types of algaecides and sanitizers. Rreduces eye and skin irritation and promotes sparkling clear water.
Spa Life Spa MagicSpa Life Spa Magic
A multi-purpose additive that is a shock treatment, pH lock, alkalinity balance, calcium balance, clarifier, and softener in one. It is compatible with all sanitizers, ozone and mineral purifiers.
Spa Life CalSpa Life Cal
Used to raise the calcium hardness in spa and hot tub water. Low calcium can lead to corrosion. Calcium hardness should be maintained between 150-200 ppm.
Spa Life BufferSpa Life Buffer
Spa Life Buffer is used to raise the total alkalinity in spa water. The total alkalinity reading is a very important part of water balance. Total Alkalinity should be maintained between 100 – 150 ppm.
Spa Life pH MinusSpa Life pH Minus
For Lowering pH and Total Alkalinity Lowers the pH of spa water.
Spa Life pH PlusSpa Life pH Plus
For Raising pH of spa water.
Spa Life Scum FreeSpa Life Scum Free
Scum Free is an enzyme based product that breaks down oils and scum that form in the spa.
Spa Life Super ClarifierSpa Life Super Clarifier
A weekly treatment used to keep spa water sparkling. It prevents oil and scum buildup without clogging the filter.
Spa Life SecureSpa Life Secure
Prevents scale and staining. Protects the heater.
Spa Life ShineSpa Life Shine
A combination sealer, polish and cleaner made from silicones. When applied, it will help protect your spa surface from chemicals, temperature and sunlight.
Spa Life CleanSpa Life Clean
A low sudsing clean to remove dirt and calcium spots.
Spa Life Cover CareSpa Life Cover Care
A combination cleaner and restorer for spa/hot tub covers. Provides protection from the elements and U.V. degradation from sunlight.
Spa Life Whirlpool & Tub RinseSpa Life Whirlpool & Tub Rinse
Cleans and degreases the internal plumbing system for jetted baths and hot tubs.
Spa Life Foam AwaySpa Life Foam Away
An effective and safe defoaming agent for spas, hot tubs, swimming pools and fountains.
Easy Shock Aqua Easy Shock
A granular unstabilized chlorine (also known as Lithium Hypochlorite) used for superchlorination (or shock treating) of hot tub or pool water.
spa-marvel-water-treatmentSpa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner
Used in conjunction with Spa Marvel Treatment and Conditioner, Spa Marvel Cleanser removes build-up from the plumbing of your spa.
spa-marvel-filter-cleanerSpa Marvel Water Filter Cleaner
Use in conjunction with Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner and Spa Marvel Cleanser. Properly cleaned filters are pivotal to the success of using Spa Marvel.
Spa Marvel CleanserSpa Marvel Clenser
Used in conjunction with Spa Marvel Treatment and Conditioner, Spa Marvel Cleanser removes build-up from the plumbing of your spa.
X10-Pre-FilterX10 Pre Filter
Get the quality of bottled water with the X10 KDF and Granular Activated Charcoal Filter. The X10 Water Filter is good for up to 37,800 liters and is great for filtering water for Spas.
Spa Frog Bromine CartridgeSpa Frog Bromine Cartridge
The Spa Frog Bromine Cartridge is a refill for use in either the Spa Frog Floating System, or for Spa Frog factory-installed inline bromine systems.

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