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Spa Services

We specialize in opening and closing spas.

Oasis Does It For You!

Let Oasis Leisure Centre professionally open and close your Spa or Hot Tub with our Spa Services.

Things To Do Before We Arrive
  • Make arrangements for us to access power to Spa.
  • Make sure Garden hose is available.
  • Have all Spa parts left out and gate unlocked.

Opening Package

$299.00 per year
    • Re-connect and plumbing from winterization.
    • Fill Spa and circulate.
    • Start Up equipment and check for leaks.
    • Check pump(s) and heater operation.
    • Lubricate and/or replace o-rings, gaskets and heater unions as needed. (Parts extra)
    • Drain Spa and remove visible debris.
    • Wipe down Spa and Advise customer on condition of Spa

Closing Package

$349.00 per year
    • Drain SPA.
    • Vacuum out equipment pump and heater.
    • Vacuum water out of footwell and plumbing lines.
    • Add up to 8 litres of Antifreeze (Included)
    • Put Spa cover on.
    • Advise customer on condition of Spa.
    • Swim spas are an extra $200.00

Do It Yourself Spa Services

So it’s spring and you want to open your spa, you can have us take care of it or you can do it yourself. If you haven’t done it before we have the proper procedures for opening your Spa with the ‘Oasis Spa Checklist’ and the best part is it’s FREE! So visit us today to pick up a copy and while you are in you can grab all of your supplies!

Vist our showroom to receive your:

  • Spa Opening Checklist
  • Spa Closing Checklist
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