Hot Tub Removable Deck Panels

When planning you hot tub location you will need to make sure you have serviceability for the front of the Spa. Dropping a hot tub into a deck requires a removable panel for just that. Shown below is a Grandee Spa by Hot Spring Spas up against 2 sides of a deck. Behind the Spa there is a privacy wall. So there are two sides accessible for service and the front is accessible with a removable floor panel. If you do it right you it will look invisible.

Spa with Removable Floor Panel

Spa with Removable Deck Floor Cover

Oasis Leisure Centre installation with removable deck panel.

Behind the Spa is where the Cover Cradle sits once the Spa is open.

Cover Cradle Lifter Closed

Cover Cradle Open

Here is the view from top of the deck.

Grandee spa with cover Cradle

Notice the notch out for the Cover Cradle.

Notch out for the Cover Cradle