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      The Beam

      Take Time to Recharge

      This new spa is an open seated four person model. Each of the four corner seats feature a different hydrotherapy option and the footwell has a powerful 3-inch directional jet for ample foot therapy. The Beam is available with a 2.5 HP jet pump (220v) or a 110v option with the same jet layout and a diverter, powered by a 1.65 HP jet pump.

      Seating Capacity 4 adults
      Dimensions 6’ 8” x 6’ 8” x 33
      2.03m x 2.03m x .84m
      Water Capacity 295 gallons/1,115 liters
      Weight 700 lbs./320 kg dry; 3,820 lbs./1,740 kg filled*
      Lighting System Raio® multi-color interior points of light (16)
      Exterior multi-color lighting with timer
      Entertainment Systems (Optional) Wireless Entertainment
      Jet Count 19
      Hot Tub Jets 1 XL Directional jet
      2 Standard Single Rotary jets
      2 Standard Directional jets
      14 Directional Precision jets
      Control System IQ 2020® with LCD control panel 230v/50amp, 60Hz
      Includes G.F.C.I. protected sub-panel or 115v/20amp,
      60Hz includes G.F.C.I. protected power cord
      Heater No-Fault®, 4,000w/230v
      Jet Pump 1 Wavemaster® 9000 One-Speed 2.5 HP,
      continuous duty 5.2 HP, breakdown torque or
      Wavemaster 7000 One-Speed 1.65 HP,
      continuos duty 3.5 HP, breakdown torque
      Circulation Pump SilentFlo 5000® for quiet, continuous filtration
      Water Care Options ACE® Salt Water System
      or EverFresh® System
      Effective Filtration Area 100 sq. ft., top-loading filters
      Vinyl Cover Colors Caramel, Chestnut, Slate, or Evergreen
      Vinyl Cover Options 3.5” to 2.5” tapered, 2 lb. density foam core, with
      hinge seal in
      Cover Lifters (Optional) CoverCradle II®
      Lift ‘n Glide®


      ACE Salt Water System

      This innovative water care system makes water care extremely easy by automatically creating powerful cleaners that keep spa water sparkling.


      Cover Lifters

      Our exclusive Hot Spring cover lifters make it quick and easy to access your spa – so you’ll use it more often, plus they keep your spa cover off the ground helping it to last longer.


      Entertainment Systems

      We offer a variety of wireless entertainment options, so you can enjoy your favorite music and TV shows in the comfort of your spa.


      Spa Steps

      Making it easy to climb in and out your spa, Hot Spring spa side stairs are designed to match your spa cabinet.



      Beam Jet System

      The Beam Jet System offers an incredible 19 jets that relieve-tension in targeted areas including your back, neck, shoulders.


      Limelight Collection spas are designed to feel as good as they look. Comfortable seats feature powerful jets that massage from your shoulders to your toes, providing targeted relief to help you feel your best.


      Limelight Collection spas feature a variety of jets ranging from targeted Precision jets, to XL combination jets that soothe larger muscles.

      • Precision jets work together in a powerful cluster to relieve tension in your back and neck.
      • Combination XL jets provide a broad, robust massage to relieve tension in large areas, and can be adjusted to provide a direct stream or rotating massage.
      • Combination jets target the feet, shoulders or back and can be adjusted to provide a direct stream or rotating massage.

      Everfresh® Water Care System

      Enjoying sparkling fresh spa water should be an everyday experience. The EverFresh Water Care System makes it easy to keep your spa water clean, and reduces the need for chlorine. This easy-to-use system combines the cleaning power of the FreshWater®III high-output ozone system with FreshWaterAg+® continuous silver ion purifier, and Freshwater MPS non-chlorine oxidizer to keep spa water crystal clear and safely sanitized.

      ACE® Salt Water Sanitizing System

      The patented ACE system uses a diamond electrode to automatically generate chlorine sanitizer and other powerful cleaners from salt and water. You’ll spend less time maintaining your spa water, and use fewer bottled products which helps your spa water last longer between changes. This Hot Spring exclusive is an option for all Highlife Collection spa models.

      Energy Efficiency

      All Hot Spring spas offer Energy Smart® features, which help your spa deliver the best value over time.


      Limelight Collection spas feature FiberCor® insulation, which is provides 4 times denser than standard ½ lb. foam. Combined with other energy-efficient features, Limelight Collection spas lock in heat to reduce monthly energy costs. Limelight Collection spas offer the following Energy Smart® features:

      • Continuous circulation with the SilentFlo 5000® circulation pump, which uses less energy than a 40 watt light bulb
      • Custom-designed spa covers with an exclusive hinge seal to lock in heat.
      • Our No-Fault® heater that maximizes heat transfer and is covered by an unconditional 5-year warranty.
      • SmartJet® system lets you direct power only to the jet groups you want to use


      Highlife and Limelight Collection spas feature the SilentFlo 5000® circulation pump, which quietly and continuously circulates spa water using less energy than a 40-watt light bulb.



      Limelight Collection and Hot Spot spas feature FiberCor insulation, which fully insulates the spa cabinet to a density 4X greater than typical ½ lb. foam.

      Quality and Design


      No matter which model you select, you can count on superior quality, comprehensive warranties and outstanding customer care from our experienced dealers.


      Our dedication to high-quality construction and unparalleled customer care means you can enjoy your Hot Spring spa for years to come. You can count on support from our network of experienced and professional retailers and our straightforward warranties to ensure your spa is always running at its best. We don’t expect you to take our word for it though. We are proud to share the real experiences of our customer’s right here on our website.



      The crisp, clean design opens to a spacious interior where each seat is shaped to follow the body’s natural contours for added comfort and support. A variety of massage jets are carefully placed to provide full-body therapy. And its innovative, multi-point lighting system and full-length corner sconces create a truly special ambiance, whether you’re soaking inside the spa or entertaining friends on the patio.

      These hot tubs are built for years of enjoyment with premium materials, legendary Hot Spring attention to detail, quality construction, and backed by a comprehensive warranty. With best-in-class service and support, a Limelight Collection spa is everything you are looking for in a hot tub, from the leader in the industry.

      • Totally insulated with 2LB. density Fibercore to lock in heat.
      • Everwood® HD spa cabinet provides the richness of real wood in contemporary colors.
      • Elegant, complementary shells colors selected by experts at BMW DesignworksUSA.
      • Comfortable sculpted seating, stylish details and more useable space
        along the bartop.
      • Customizable zone lighting to create the perfect ambiance inside or
        outside the spa.
      • Easy to operate LCD control panel or wireless remote control with
        intuitive menus.

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