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Test Drive Our Spas!

Take a Test Drive

An important part of choosing your dream Spa is going for a test drive. We call a test drive a “WET TEST”! This gives you really good feeling on which Spa is right for you because you are actually using the Spa. Check out the latest available features and accessories. We’ll get the Spa warmed up and you can come into Oasis “after hours” for complete privacy.

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Bring the Whole Family

Come to Oasis with the whole family and take a soak in the tub of your dreams. When you bring your family you can see how they all fit in your spa. You will be able to make a better buying decision knowing more about the spa and how it fits into your family’s life.

Schedule A Wet Test

Learn About Your Spa

When you Schedule a Wet Test at Oasis, you have an opportunity to learn about your Spa. You can adjust the water and air controls to see the different jetting configurations. You can sit in the water to see what seats are the right height for you. You can also ask questions about the workings of your spa to get the maximum enjoyment.

Schedule A Wet Test

Feel the Massage

Being able to sit and relax and feel the hydrotherapy massage is invaluable when choosing a Spa. You will appreciate this because of course a Spa is an investment in health and well being. Part of the well being is the massage you will feel. The massage will differ in many brands of Spas so get into a Spa before you invest!

Schedule A Wet Test

Thank you for your interest in trying out our spas. Please fill out the form below and one of our representatives will be in touch to confirm your wet test booking. Once again thank you for choosing Oasis Leisure Centre.

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