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      E500 Swim and Treadmill Features

      Swim Spa Features

      The X200, our entry-level 12′ SwimCross Exercise System, provides fitness and fun in a compact package. Our smallest model, the X200 gives you at-home convenience for low-impact, full-body exercise.
      Featuring our all-new jetted swim current, the X200 boasts 5 jets, 5 speeds, and minimal turbulence. When used with our swim tether, you get gentle resistance for exercise that’s both enjoyable and pleasurable.

      Afterwards, unwind with a soothing hydromassage. Each ergonomically designed seat has a unique configuration of jets – choose the right one to target your sweet spot, or rotate among them for total-body relaxation.

      The durable, steel-framed cabinet has sleek, modern styling that’s virtually maintenance-free, so the X200 brings both beauty and functionality to your home. With your choice of options – from a Swim Mirror for real-time technique feedback to an 8-speaker Bluetooth music system – you can truly make this model your own.


      Built To Last

      The durable, steel-framed cabinet has sleek, modern styling that’s virtually maintenance-free, so the X200 brings both beauty and functionality to your home. You can truly enjoy all the benefits the X200 has to offer.

      Spa Specifications

      Hydromassage Seats 3
      Dimensions 12′ L x 50″ H x 89″ W (3.7m L x 1.3m H x 2.3m W)
      Water Capacity 1,208 gallons (4,575 liters)
      Weight Empty 2,255 lbs. (1,022 kg.)
      Exercise Current 5 Swim Jets (320 gallons/minute max.); 2.5hp continuous-duty pump, 5.2hp breakdown torque pump
      Jet Count 27 plus 1 Large Jet/2 Rotary Jets/2 Directional Jets/22 Mini Jets
      Water Management System UltraViolet + Ozone
      Effective Filtration Area 200 Square Feet (4 x 50 Square Feet)
      Lighting System 18 Multi-Color LED Points of Light/5″ Main Light/Exterior LED Illumination Bar
      Substructure 14-Gauge Galvanized Steel Frame
      Electrical Requirements 60 amp/230 volt GFCI, 60 Hz
      Heater 4000w
      Water Feature Illuminated Waterfall
      Grab Rails 3 stainless Steel Rails
      Exercise Equipment Options Swim Tether and Rowing Kit
      Energy Efficiency Certified to the APSP 14 National Standard and the California Energy Commission (CEC) in accordance with California Law

      Bluetooth Enabled

      Bluetooth® Enabled Music System

      A music-ready model has a total of eight speakers and a sub-woofer. One-inch speakers are located on the hydromassage side, and the larger three-inch speakers are located on the swim side. The
      sub-woofer is located in the equipment compartment. Pair any Bluetooth enabled devise to the system through the control panel to stream music.

      Rowing Kit

      Rowing Kit

      Further the performance of any fitness or exercise system with optional rowing and resistance gear. Easily attach the row bars to the fitness or exercise system’s built-in anchors and/or handrails to get started on a low- impact, full body workout. The convenient and sturdy handrails are great for support or for attaching resistance bands.

      Swim Tether

      Swim Tether

      All models come equipped with an anchor for attaching a swim tether; which is available as an optional accessory. It’s a must for beginning swimmers or for anyone looking to improve his or her swimming form. The Swim Tether will add additional resistance to the swimmer and will help align the swimmer to remain centered in the counter current. Swim Tether will also help elevate the swimmer’s hips to improve swim stroke and posture.

      Underwater Mirror

      Underwater Mirror

      Swimmers can see themselves swim in place and critique their form using the options 24” x 51” stainless steel mirror. It can be easily placed on the floor of any fitness or exercise system and its weight distribution ensures it stays in place. The polished stainless steel mirror will not break or tarnish, and has an ABS backing providing safe handling in and out of the water.

      Pace Display

      Pace Display

      The optional Pace Display is a necessity for any swim machine and/or treadmill user. It allows for easy reading of the swim current pace and/or treadmill speed during exercise and can be toggled from meters to yards or viewed as a percentage, from 0 to 100, of the total output usage. The Pace Display exterior is weather-resistant and is intended for outdoor and indoor use.

      Cover Lifter

      Cover Lifter

      The Watkins bi-fold cover helps maintain heat and reduce evaporation. It can be used on its own or with the Watkins Lifter System, known as the UpRight Cover Lifter. When used on fitness and exercise systems, two Watkins Lifters and a pack of four spacers are needed; which are sold individually.

      VacuSeal® Lifting System

      VacuSeal® Lifting System

      The VacuSeal® Lifting System, consisting of two covers and two lifters, is ideal for fitness and exercise system owners because of its unique design. VacuSeal® perfectly seals both cover with its patented clamping system and allow for easy removal and replacement of the cover in one fluid motion by one person. The benefits of VacuSeal® include prevention of heat loss due to water entry and evaporation, as well as ease of removal and replacement of the covers that is unmatched by any other system.

      Gecko In.Touch and Mobile App

      Gecko In.Touch and Mobile App

      The aftermarket installation of the Gecko In.Touch allows for remote control of certain features from your smart phone. Endless Pools Fitness Systems: Turn on/off hydromassage jets, Control interior and exterior lights and Adjust temperature. SwimCross Exercise Systems: Turn on/off swim jets, Control speed of swim jets, Turn on/off hydromassage jets, Control interior lights and Adjust temperature.

      Quality, Design and Fitness


      The X200 Swimcross Exercise System spa lets you swim, exercise, play, and entertain; it’s the perfect fun-and-fitness solution for family, friends, and solo retreats.


      Just sink into our ergonomically designed hydromassage seats, and you’re within easy reach of the push-button controls. Turn up the hydrotherapy jets to melt your stress away, or set the mood with the underwater lighting.


      All models boast our sleek, stylish design, featuring durable steel-frame construction under the modern lines of our maintenance-free swim spa cabinet. With options such as our 8-speaker Bluetooth music system and aquatic fitness accessories, you can easily make it your own.


      With the industry-best Endless Pools swim current, you can enjoy the added versatility of a fitness pool. You can adjust the speed from a gentle breaststroke to a challenging 1:08/100-yard swim pace. For even more exercise flexibility, add our underwater treadmill.

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