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So you are shopping for a hot tub and you have questions about alternative sanitizers like Salt Water systems. Well at Oasis we have had the most experience in Winnipeg with Salt Water Hot Tubs because we have been selling them for just about 10 years now. In order to understand hot tub salt systems, I will give you a little history on the systems we used in the past. Oasis actually introduced Salt Water spas back in 2005 with a product called Genesis and later we used in.Clear. Both systems were a retrofit, which means that the manufacturer of the Spa did not make them, and they were installed inline. At the time these systems were the latest technology and were the only choices available. Of course, like anything new, there was a learning curve for the spa owners and we realized it was not a set it and forget it technology but it was definitely an automatic way to make sanitizer for the spa owners and that was a huge plus. We also learned that we had to remove the phosphates from the water in order for the salt systems to function efficiently. We also found that the water was much clearer and easier to keep balance as compered to a bromine floater. The pH was more stable and didn’t drop so customer didn’t feel itchy and there was no more bad chemical smell. So overall we found that the salt systems were much better than the typical bromine floaters and there were real benefits that helped the customer enjoy the hot tubbing experience much better. A new age of sanitization was here and stay and the customer, for the most part, really loved them.

Now it wasn’t always sunshine and roses. Some customers would not deal with adjusting the system, based on use, so they just left it and that’s where you can run into trouble. We had some customers leaving the system on high for couple months and not turning the systems down. When they came in for a water test the sanitizer was 10 times higher than required. This over sanitization can and will lead to rusted jets, discolored pillows and potentially damaged heating barrels. Another issue is that these systems were inline of the plumbing spa owners did not like taking apart their plumbing to clean or replace the salt cell. It was just a hassle so they didn’t do it. So when you don’t clean the cell every 3 months you may run into failures. It was also frustrating to figure out if you added enough salt for the system to operate properly. Salt systems will only operate if the salt is within a certain range. With old systems only proper way was to bring in a sample of water and have Oasis test it. This was time consuming for the customer so some spa owners just didn’t do it. So because the salt wasn’t in range, the cell wasn’t even producing and the spa owner thought it was faulty. Those early systems were very basic and potentially frustrating. Even with these small issues, for the most part, spa owners enjoyed the salt water experience.

When Oasis took on the line of Hot Spring Spas a few years ago they just finished introducing ACE into the American market and we were looking forward to the Canadian launch. The ACE system overcame almost all of the old school issues. The ACE system actually monitors the amount of salt in the spas and tells you where your levels are. No more taking the water in to see it you are in the right range. Fantastic. The ACE system is a drop in filter style of cell so you don’t need to go under the spas cabinet and remove plumbing to clean the cell. Fantastic. The Ace system also has a 30 day shut off so if you are not using the system it shuts right off and helps prevent extremely high sanitizer levels. Fantastic. The Ace system has an output adjustment built into the Spas’ main keypad so with a few presses you can adjust the amount of sanitizer being produced. Extremely convenient. This is why about 66% of all Hot Spring Spas are being sold with the ACE system!!

When it was introduced in Canada it was a smash and the orders went through the roof. We sold the system to everyone. But again not everyone should have been sold a system. We were so pumped up on it that we just felt it was the right thing for everyone. But human nature being as it is some spa owners just didn’t get it. They weren’t setting it up properly and we certainly should have been more diligent instructing them about the system.

Today our sales staff are much more knowledgeable on the systems and have a few questions to make sure you are good candidate for ACE. We discuss the start up procedure and the make sure tell you the pros and cons of the systems before you buy. Plus we give you a complete instruct at your home to make sure you completely understand the system in its entity. We do a complete step-by-step start up procedure to make sure you are getting the best foot forward on ACE. There are also YOUTUBE videos on setting ACE up and ongoing maintenance to make sure you always have the answers.

For Saltwater Spas there is just not a better system than the ACE system on the market today. The ACE salt water system is the new standard for premium salt water sanitizers. It is a true alternative to typical bottled chlorine or bromine. It is the easiest system to keep your Spa healthy and clear for you and your family. Let us show you the ACE system and how it can make your first or your next hot tub easier than ever to use and enjoy.

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