From start to finish Oasis can help you to create your personal backyard home resort.

Complete Pool Renovations

Is your pool in need of an upgrade? Oasis Pools & Spas can transform your old pool into a beautiful backyard oasis.

We can help upgrade your pool with:

  • Walk in steps
  • Liner Replacement
  • Rock waterfalls
  • Safety covers
  • Variable speed pumps
  • Digital heaters
  • Prologic automation
  • Saltwater systems

Pool Liner Replacement

Experienced installation done right!

We’ve been around for a long time and we’re here to stay. Our expertise in building, installing, repairing, and renovating pools is maintained with high quality workmanship by experienced crews. All of our trades contractors are licensed and insured professionals in their field and are happy to answer any question you may have during your pool renovation process.

Pool Liner Option Gallery

A pool liner is designed to last an average of 12 to 15 years. It is not uncommon for liners to last longer or, in some cases, much less than 12 years.
Many factors that can affect the lifespan are:

  • Living in an area that is susceptible to ground water problems.
  • Maintaining chemically balanced water in the swimming pool.
  • The fit of the liner. A liner is custom fit to your pool and it is critical that the measurements are accurate prior to the manufacturing process.
  • The use of a winter cover has numerous benefits and can add years of life to a liner. The cover protects the liner from the harsh winter sun, keeps potentially harmful debris out of the pool, protects the liner from being pervaded by red dye from rotting leaves, and best of all, upon opening your pool, the water is swim-ready in no time.
  • There are a few reasons for replacing a liner. In the event the liner no longer holds water, i.e. it leaks, and patching is no longer an option as with age the vinyl becomes brittle and a patch will no longer bond to it. Another common reason is aesthetics, as liners get older their patterns tend to fade and new patterns also become available.

Oasis can professionally install your new pool liner and have you swimming again in no time.

Once the need to replace your liner has been determined, we will need to measure your pool in order for the liner to be an exact fit. If the contours of the pool can be determined with the old liner and water in place, you can continue enjoying your pool until the new liner is ready to install. In some instances we may need to pump the water out of the pool and remove the old liner in order to ensure accurate measurements. Once the pool has been measured and you have picked your pattern, we place the order for your new liner. A few days before we receive the liner, we will prepare your pool for installation. Once we install the liner and fill the pool, there are some last steps, such as cutting in the returns, skimmer, and stairs. The entire process should take two or three days, depending on your water pressure. Finally, it is important to get the water balanced, it is recommended that you bring a water sample into our showroom and have us test it for you.

Insurance Claims

At Oasis Pools & Spas we have been dedicated to helping our customers for over two decades.
We understand each and every claim is unique, so we provide the ability to develop on-site solutions to almost any scenario. We handle all aspects of Property Insurance Claims dealing with both swimming pools and spas throughout Manitoba.

Accidents happen, call us to receive professional and accurate on-site solutions.

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