Commercial Pools

Our team has worked on commercial pool installations for hotels, resorts, campgrounds, and condominiums.

Why Choose Oasis Pools & Spas for your project?

When considering installing a pool, water slide, spa or splash pad, Oasis has all the resources you need. Our design team has worked on commercial pool and spa installations from hotels and resorts to campgrounds and condominiums. At Oasis a large part of our success is the commercial service we provide; we offer complete design and installation services for small to large water facilities, plus renovation and maintenance packages. While other pool and spa retailers may close for the season, we keep servicing and working on indoor water facilities all year long. Oasis has the depth of knowledge and experience to be the only retailer in our market that offers both residential and commercial installations.

We keep up to date with the local health and safety regulations and exceed their standards. Our single-wall steel pools are built specifically to meet commercial demands with budgets in mind. Added supports and structural integrity are foremost when assembling the pool structure, allowing flexibility to create unique pools and pas without compromising strength.

We ensure facility staff are trained in the operations of your new pool, spa, splash pad or waterslide after installation and will make ourselves available to answer any questions or concerns that may come up. Our product knowledge, construction experience and customer service have helped us to be the choice for clients such as the YM-YWCA of Winnipeg and the City of Winnipeg.

The Four Points Astoria in Winnipeg, Motel 6 in Headingly and the City of Winkler have all relied on Oasis Pools & Spas to get the job done on time and on budget. We make it our goal to meet and exceed your expectations.


Oasis can provide different effective chlorination and filtration system options to meet your needs.

Chemical Automation

The Manitoba Health Act requires the water in swimming pools to be constantly filtered and disinfectant to be added to the water automatically whenever the pool is in use.

From simple plug-and-play chlorine and pH controllers to salt chlorination controllers, to filter backwash systems, water chemistry controls provide continuous monitoring and control of sanitizers and pH, Oasis can provide different effective options to meet your needs.

Our Solutions

Easy to install and easy to operate, controllers are suitable for pools, spas, fountains, zoos and aquariums. Network monitoring and remote access capabilities make maintaining water easier than ever from anywhere.

A chlorine generator uses salt to produce chlorine in swimming pool water. When sized correctly, these units can produce a regenerating supply of pure chlorine for any size and shape of the pool. When connected to pH and ORP measuring equipment, your pool becomes virtually self-regulating.


Oasis membrane installations provide a cost-effective and dependable watertight barrier that comes with a full 10-year warranty.

PVC Membranes

PVC Membrane Pool Shells are ideal when renovating an existing pool or finishing a new pool. Constructed on-site using 60mil reinforced specialty PVC over a thick 150mil polyethylene felt slip sheet, the membrane provides a cost-effective and dependable watertight barrier that comes with a full 10-year warranty from the date of installation.

Deck Coatings

PVC membrane deck coatings can be installed anywhere where durability, slip resistance and watertight integrity are a necessity. Manufactured with UV inhibitors to ASTM slip-resistance standards, membrane deck coatings are a great idea for both indoor and outdoor applications.

PVC membrane pool shells and membrane deck coatings can be heat welded together to solve pool and deck problems. Essentially a single membrane is installed from the pool deck all the way to the floor drains in the pool.

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