Spa Services

Let Oasis Pools & Spas professionally open and close your Spa.

Things to do before we arrive

  • Make arrangements for us to access power to Spa
  • Make sure Garden hose is available
  • Have all Spa parts left out and gate unlocked

Spa Service Packages

  • Re-connect and plumbing from winterization.
  • Fill Spa and circulate.
  • Start Up equipment and check for leaks.
  • Check pump(s) and heater operation.
  • Lubricate and/or replace o-rings, gaskets and heater unions as needed. (Parts extra)
  • Drain Spa and remove visible debris.
  • Wipe down Spa and Advise customer on condition of Spa
  • Drain SPA.
  • Vacuum out equipment pump and heater.
  • Vacuum water out of footwell and plumbing lines.
  • Add up to 8 litres of Antifreeze (Included)
  • Put Spa cover on.
  • Advise customer on condition of Spa.

Swim spas are an extra $200.00.

Spa Service Request

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    Closing Packages

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