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The spacious Cantabria hot tub redefines hydrotherapy.

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      Caldera Utopia 2019 Cantabria

      Caldera Utopia 2019 Cantabria

      Seat Geometry

      Redesigned Seating

      Redesigned seat geometry enhances comfort and provides superior ease-of-use.


      Filter Redesign

      New filter grate design hides the filter compartment and minimizes noise.


      Euphoria Jets

      Two Euphoria Jets in the footwell can work independently or simultaneously to deliver the ultimate foot massage.



      The existing SpaGlo zone lighting is now enhanced with an interior LED Points-of-Light multi-color system for even more dramatic impact.



      Speaker grill surface mounts are built into the shell and contoured pillows provide comfortable next support.

      Jet Face

      Jet Face

      The elegant new jet face design incorporates a textured diamond pattern accented by stainless steel trim for a contemporary look.

      Spa Specifications

      Seating Capacity 8 adults
      Dimensions 9’ x 7’7” x 38” / 274cm x 231cm x 97cm
      Water Capacity 615 gallons / 2325 liters
      Weight Dry 1310 lbs. / 595 kg
      Weight Filled 7840 lbs. / 3560 kg
      Multi-color LED Lighting SpaGlo® Multi-Zone Lighting including 14 Points-of-Interior Lights and 4 Corner Exterior Lights
      Entertainment Systems (Optional) Wireless Bluetooth® Sound System, Wireless In-home Dock, Wireless TV
      Jet Count 74 Total Jets
      Hot Tub Jets 1 Euphoria® jet, 2 OrbiSsage® jets, 7 VersaSsage® jets, 4 AdaptaSsage® jets, 4 Euro-Pulse® jets, 56 Euro Directional® jets
      Hot Tub Jet Pumps 3 ReliaFlo® Pumps; 2 Dual-Speed 2.5 HP (5.2BHP) & 1 Single-Speed 2.5HP (5.2 BHP)
      Water Features 2 Acquarella® waterfalls w/LED lighting
      Control System Advent® LCD control system with auxiliary control panel; and UltraMasseuse CP
      Heater Output EnergyPro® Heater (4,000 Watts)
      Circulation Pump EnergyPro® Circulation Pump
      Water Care Options Spa FROG Cartridge Ready
      Filter Size 100 sq. ft.
      Electrical Requirements 230v/50 amp or 70 amp
      COVER LIFTER (OPTIONAL) ProLift III, or ProLift IV
      Monarch CD Ozone System Standard
      Step Type Avante™ Step
      Ultramasseuse System 6 Jetting Sequences; 3 Speeds

      frog water care

      FROG® Water Care System

      The FROG® integrated water care system makes hot tub water treatment super simple. There’s nothing to measure or pour. Just dial in the recommended use level on the mineral and bromine cartridges and insert the cartridges into the integrated housing built into the hot tub.

      cover lifter

      Cover Lifters

      A well-designed hot tub cover and easy-to-use lifter are key to efficient hot tub use. A variety of cover lifter choices are available so you can choose the one that works best in your space.


      Entertainment Systems

      Relax to your own personal music play list on one of our wireless music entertainment system choices. Or watch TV in or outside your hot tub for great fun, day or night.

      caldera steps

      Spa Steps

      Caldera offers spa steps to provide safe and easy entry and exit from your hot tub. Our spa steps come in different varieties so you can match the design of your hot tub. Choose from our EcoTech® Steps, Polymer Steps, and StoneScape Steps.

      caldera jets

      Jet Face

      Cantabria Jets

      The Cantabria offers an amazing 74 jets that relieve-tension in targeted areas including your back, neck, shoulders and calves.


      The seats and jets have been carefully and strategically designed into a Caldera spa with a whole-body, holistic approach. Each seat or position in the spa is intended to work a different muscle group, providing a deep massage where you need it most.

      It’s the same focused, thorough circuit-training approach that certified personal trainers use to make sure you get a full body workout by activating all major muscles for a balanced fitness routine. Our Hot Tub Circuit Therapy® works those same areas, focusing on one muscle group at a time. You’re able to work on your neck and shoulders, the large muscles of your back, lower back, hamstrings, calves and feet. By adjusting the intensity of the jets, you can also control the intensity of the jets—ranging from a deep, penetrating massage to a soothing, relaxing, light touch.


      Each jet targets a specific muscle group as you move from seat to seat.

      • UltraMassage® Lounge/Seat – Gives a soothing massage to your neck, shoulders, and middle back
      • Sole Soothers® Jets – Direct a stimulating massage to your tired feet.
      • Euphoria® Jet – Provides a deep, powerful, penetrating massage to your thighs, knees, calves, and feet.
      • Air Jet System – Produces a gentle soft-tissue massage through strategically located air jets. (Utopia Series models only)
      • Whirlpool Jet – This high-volume jet delivers a powerful massage for your lower back, or a pleasant swirling effect throughout your spa.
      • LumbarSsage® Seat – Helps relieve tension and pain in the lower back with a unique jet configuration.
      • EcstaSeat® – Provides a targeted massage for the large muscles in your back. Selected models also feature jets for your wrists and/or calves.
      • Atlas® Neck Massage System – A contoured pillow cradles your neck, while independently controlled, above-water-level jets relax your muscles. (Utopia Series models only)

      Start with Clean Water

      To ensure the cleanest, softest water, use the Clean Screen™ pre-filter and Vanishing Act™ calcium remover. These two innovative water care products work especially well with the SPA FROG system to optimize water treatment. Use the Clean Screen pre-filter to ensure that fresh, clean water is introduced into your spa. Then, reduce your water hardness with the Vanishing Act calcium remover and create softer feeling water. Together, these chemical-free treatments help you experience superior water quality and extend the time between water changes.

      MONARCH® CD Ozone Water Care System

      The optional Monarch Corona Discharge (CD) ozone water care system is a virtually chlorine-free approach to water care. It reduces the need for hot tub chemicals by continuously mixing highly concentrated ozone into the water in combination with MPS and silver ions.

      FROG® Water Care System

      The FROG integrated water care system makes hot tub water treatment super simple. There’s nothing to measure or pour. Just dial in the recommended use level on the mineral and bromine cartridges and insert the cartridges into the integrated housing built into the hot tub.

      Energy Efficient Hot Tub

      With its exclusive and highly efficient EnergyPro® circulation pump, your Caldera spa is always hot and ready to use while meeting the most stringent energy efficiency standards established for portable spas. The system operates at very low wattage to filter water and actually reduces heater use since 80% of the energy used to operate it is transferred to the water as heat.

      Quality and Design


      No matter which model you select, you can count on superior quality, comprehensive warranties and outstanding customer care from our experienced dealers.


      Our dedication to high-quality construction and unparalleled customer care means you can enjoy your Caldera spa for years to come. You can count on support from our network of experienced and professional retailers and our straightforward warranties to ensure your spa is always running at its best. We don’t expect you to take our word for it though. We are proud to share the real experiences of our customer’s right here on our website.



      A well-designed hot tub has an inviting visual appeal that draws you in and helps you relax. We pay a great deal of attention to the styling of our products for that reason. Caldera Spas’ elegant, organic style delights your senses with flowing lines, sculpted jet recesses, ergonomic controls, beautiful lighting and soothing sounds.


      The uniquely contoured seats on every Caldera Spa hot tub let you relax in unmatched comfort. Enjoy the hydrotherapy benefits without struggling to resist the effects of bouyancy. When the powerful jets are off, you’ll simply relax in the spacious interior, designed to cradle you in comfort you can really feel.

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